Changing Smiles
Changing Lives

World-leading expertise of thousands of treated cases with aligners, and a uniquely digital experience to design your best smile ever


The clear solution

A series of customized, removable clear aligners that gently move
your teeth into position

Treatment Process

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign Benefits

Comfort, convenient, invisible,
not to mention precise and powerful

Treatable Cases

In the right hands, Invisalign can successfully be used to treat even complex cases including extractions, jaw surgery, and more


Tried and true

Digitally designed and custom-made, the braces we use are allowing us to create our signature smiles more efficiently than ever

Our Clear Braces

Being able to digitally design your smile and custom-manufacture your braces is becoming the new standard in orthodontic care

Treatable Cases

We choose the appliance based on which is best for each individual. For certain cases, braces may be a more efficient option.


Meet the Doctors

We believe that a beautiful smile gives a person the self esteem and confidence needed to move forward in life to a brighter future. At Astra Orthodontics, we are about you - your smile, your future, your life. Changing smiles, transforming lives and impacting our world - this is our mission and our passion.

Let your smile shine

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